[urbanize + -er]. Noun.  (plural: urbanizers)
1. One who develops a place into a city.
2. A place that takes on the characteristics of cities.

URBANIZER believes Canada is the most amazing place on earth. Each main city has its very own  identity, its own trends, its own character, its own awesome bloggers. 
URBANIZER is a local aggregator that accurately selects trustworthy content from the best publishers &bloggers around the country in an effort to showcase the identity of each city.  By mixing technologicalsolutions and hand-made curation, URBANIZER brings you each day the most popular content about your city:food and dining, arts and culture, travel, lifestyle, fashion, and a bunch of other topics that enhance the Canadian character.
Explore the best every city has to offer and connect with the local businesses with the ease of a simple click.Discover your new favorite bloggers by browsing through our data base of publishers. Find out which article orvideo is trending in your area, discover all the breaking news or simply enjoy engaging fresh content about yourbeloved city!
We make it our mission to encourage the local creators of content.  We are proudly sharing the Canadiancharacter and we encourage you to do the same.  We are #URBANIZERS

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URBANIZER Beta  Complete version coming soon!
URBANIZER is currently running on a beta version. Each week, we’ll be adding new interesting topics , additional publishers and new cities. Come back often to discover all the new functionalities we will be addingand don’t forget to follow us on social medias!
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